True Wireless Earphones Comparison

True Wireless Earphones Comparison

Enjoy smooth music everywhere with True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. Which type is your favourite?


True wireless Bluetooth headphones are getting popular these years. Apple just launched Airpods 2 but is really what you need? Apart from "Airpod-like" earbuds, there are still many types of earbuds in the music accessory stores. Having difficulties while choosing different types of true wireless earphones? In this article, we will compare THREE different brands of true wireless earphones and see which one suits your needs.


Let's take a look at this comparison table!

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There are hundreds of wireless earphones in the market, ranged from less than USD$20 to over USD$100. Price is the first priority of consideration to many consumers in the world, but are the more expensive ones really worth the price? Does it mean that cheaper earphones do not function as well as the high-class ones? The answer is surely NO. We want to spend wise money on headphones that can satisfy our needs and provide high quality music. More features and better product quality come in higher prices. 

As you can see from the above table, all three types of true wireless earphones have similar features: True wireless technology, In-ear design, Bluetooth 5.0 and with charging case etc. The two with higher price are designed with additional splash proof and sweat-proof feature. If you are willing to spend much money on music accessories, these two earbuds may be what you need. But if you are looking for affordable wireless earbuds, I would suggest Lexuma XBUD with reasonable price and similar features. These wireless earbuds provide high quality smooth music and will not get loose easily. Check out this Portable True Wireless Earbuds now!

gadgeticloud true wireless earphones bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones lexuma xbud true wireless bluetooth earbud with charging case different wireless earphones lexuma xbud

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Desired Features

When choosing true wireless earbuds, some would say that the more the features the better! But are those features really what we need or desire? For example, if you aren't a sports lover that go to gym every week, you don't even need the waterproof feature. If you just want smooth music and secure design, you can choose those with reasonable price rather than famous brands.

As you can see from the table, Mifo true wireless earphones are designed with IPX67 waterproof and sweat proof feature. They can stand rainy days and our own sweats. After visiting the gym, remember to wash the waterproof earbuds to remove any sweat stains to keep them clean. If you love jogging in rainy days or visiting the gym everyday, this pair of wireless earbud is definitely what you need. Even if you are not using waterproof earphones, remember to use wet towel to clean them after training. It is important to keep them hygienic as you need to put them into your ear canals!

On the other hand, Lexuma XBUD true wireless earbuds are well-known for its light and portable design. The charging case is compact and slim with smooth round edges. You can easily put it in pockets or small bags so as to enjoy music anywhere anytime. This is perfect for music lovers that cannot live without music!

gadgeticloud true wireless earphones bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones mifo o5 bluetooth true wireless earphone different wireless earphones waterproof

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Dual Operating Modes

True wireless technology supports dual operating modes: Twins Mode or Single Mode. As you can see from the table, both Lexuma XBUD and Mifo Bluetooth earbuds support dual operating modes. For single mode, the master earbud can be used for hands-free function. You can only use one earbud for listening to music, so you will still have an ear free to pay attention to the surroundings.

For twins mode, you can listen to music with two earbuds on, or share one earbud to your friend. You can pair the earbuds up with two devices at the same time. If you need this feature, we recommend you choose either Lexuma or Mifo since Geekee earphones do not support this feature.


One Button or More

Both Lexuma XBUD and Geekee Bluetooth earbuds are designed with one-button operation. There is only one button on each earbud. It is user-friendly and multi-functional. You just need one finger to call out voice assistant, redial, answer calls and play music etc.

For Mifo wireless earbuds, each earbud is designed with two buttons. You can adjust the volume and switch songs with the buttons. One button is for power on/off, and another one is for volume.

It depends on which type of button design you want. If you don't want to control the functions with just one button, you can choose Mifo earphones with two buttons. However, if you find it hard to find the correct button for earbuds, it is better for you to get the one button earphones.

Geekee True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth IPX5 Sports Earbuds imartcity button usage


Music Playtime & Standby Time

Why music playtime and standby time are important factors to wireless earbuds? Of course we don't want our music to stop suddenly and there's a voice saying "Battery Low". We all want our wireless earbuds to play music for hours and be able to wake up whenever we need. If this is your case, you should get a pair of true wireless earphones with large battery capacity. It is a fact that small in-ear earbud cannot store too much battery itself, that's why portable charging case is invented.

Long music playtime and standby time need to be supported by a charging case with large battery capacity. For example, Mifo wireless earbud's charging case has the largest battery capacity, but at the same time it weights the most! There are pros and cons of different types of headphones. If long music standby time is really what you need, I guess you wouldn't mind carrying a charging case with you everyday.

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Color Choice

Believe it or not, 50% of earphone lovers care about color choice and design when they are buying wireless earbuds. Just like we will buy phone case for our iPhone or Samsung smartphones, we wish for more color variety. For the design, it is quite personal and subjective since people have different taste and style.

As you can see from the table, both Mifo and Geekee earbuds are designed in black, while Lexuma XBUD has black and white as color variants. In terms of design, Mifo and Geekee's charging cases are more like boxes and have strong edges, while Lexuma's charging case is designed with smooth round edges. It depends on whether you like black or white, box or round case design.

gadgeticloud true wireless earphones bluetooth earbuds wireless headphones geekee true wireless bluetooth earphones different wireless earphones geekee

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To conclude, these three types of true wireless earbuds have their own special features and characteristics. It depends on what kind of features you prefer and in what occasions you need this pair of earphones. 

If you don't have a tight budget and are looking for rich features, Mifo Wireless Earbuds is your best choice. If you are looking for economical portable earphones, Lexuma Bluetooth Earphones are what you need. On the other hand, if you wish for IPX5 sweat proof earbuds, Geekee earbuds can satisfy your needs.

All three Bluetooth earphones can be found at GadgetiCloud! Check them out and see which one is your choice!

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