Dead Pixel Warranty Policy

Dead Pixel Warranty Policy

What is dead pixels?

Lexuma XScreen Series (XScreenXScreen Air, XScreen Duo, XScreen Plus 1080P, XScreen Plus 4K) is built-in with 1080P Full HD/ 4K LCD touch screen. LCD screen is made of a set number of pixels. Each pixel is made from 3 sub-pixels and each pixel has its own transistor. It makes the manufacturing of the glass substrate very complex.


Lexuma XScreen Dead Pixel Return Policy

Therefore, pixel defects usually occur at the manufacturing stage. It is also possible for the bad pixels to appear after the screen has been used for some time. Pixel defects cannot be fixed or repaired.

There are two types of pixel defects: Bright Sub-Pixel and Dark Sub-Pixel. For Bright Sub-Pixel, you will see a small white dot on a black pattern. For the Dark Sub-Pixel, you will see a small black dot on the white pattern.

Dead Pixel Warranty Policy of XScreen Series

Your XScreen can be returned within 7 days from delivery date if there are more than 7 dead sub-pixels.

Please contact us by email:, we will advise you a detailed return procedure. Defective products must be returned to a specific return address, which will be provided after our team has confirmed the return of defective products.

Returns without prior confirmation from us will not be accepted.


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