1. What Is UV Light?
    Everyone is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The sun emits electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths. Some of the radiation ...
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  2. Antibacterial vs Degermation vs Sterilization
    When all of you usually purchase the daily necessities,do you fail to distinguish the three groups of words "antibacterial", "sterilization" and "d...
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  3. 3 Tips On Preparing Yourself For Coronavirus At Home
    As the Coronavirus epidemic situation has broken out worldwide, the best way to protect yourself from the infection is to avoid being exposed to t...
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  4. Choose the Perfect One - Different Types of Sanitizers
    What kind of sanitizing products do you often use? There are different types of sanitizers which can be used in different situations. Under the dan...
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  5. Is UV Lights Able to Kill Viruses and Bacteria?
    With the rising awareness of health issues, many companies released different kinds of UV sterilization products to the market, and you might be c...
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  6. Viruses, Bacteria , Germs , Can you distinguish them?
    Coronavirus has been raging recently, and people are snapping up all kinds of disinfection and antibacterial products. Before becoming one of them,...
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  7. 消毒方法大比拼
    最近冠狀病毒肆虐,令大家對環境的衛生和消毒意識都大大提升。現在就跟大家一起探討一下4個經常聽到而且較為普遍的消毒方式,一起看看它們的原理和使用時的注意事項。   第一種,高溫消毒法。 高溫殺菌一直是口耳相傳的消毒方法,所以我們外出用餐時,都會使用沸水先消毒餐具。到底,這個傳統智慧,有沒有科...
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  8. Your Best Disinfection Product  - IMC Water Catalyst Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray
    Virus and bacteria are everywhere, threatening our health anytime anywhere. With IMC Water Catalyst Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray can establish a...
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  9. What is Noise Cancellation Technology?
    Headphones and earphones that feature active noise reduction (ANR) use noise cancellation technology. How is noise cancellation and how it works? T...
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  10. 水觸媒、光觸媒到底是什麼?
    在日常周遭的生活及工作環境,無時無刻都蘊藏著無數的細菌、病毒及致癌物,影響健康。想要健康的生活,自然要了解一下各種殺菌除臭的技術,為自己和家人作最好的選擇!    光觸媒是什麼? 光觸媒是一種以納米級二氧化鈦為代表的具有光催化功能的光半導體材料的總稱,它塗佈於基材表面,在紫外光線的作用下,產生...
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  11. How to Choose Your Best Earbuds?
    True wireless earbuds are the trend in recent years and likely in the future. There are lots of truly wireless earbuds in the market. Which one is ...
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  12. Your Best Gaming Gadgets - Lexuma XScreen
    What kind of gaming gadgets that you must need? If you love to play Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, you need to get Lexuma portable monitor with a sensib...
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