Frame Your Scratch Maps Now

Frame Your Scratch Maps Now

How to frame up scratch map series? Follow our guidelines below!


If you are reading this, I believe you already had a scratch map or few scratch maps in hand. World scratch map, Korea scratch map, Japan scratch map and Thailand scratch map. Have you scratched off all the places and landmarks? How about the local food and must-do activities? I hope you enjoyed the journeys around the globe with our scratch maps. Here's a better way to preserve the scratch maps and share them to your friends and relatives - Frame Your Scratch Maps!


**Please feel free to turn on English Subtitles**


Our scratch maps are all designed in frame size and can be easily fit in IKEA frames or other frames with the correct frame sizes. For Japan, Korea and Thailand scratch maps, the map size is 40 x 30cm. For World scratch map, the map size is 70 x 50cm. Follow these sizes and you can buy the suitable frames for these colorful scratch maps!

four scratch maps travel map deluxe map gadgeticloud good weather frame up

If you want to create a unique frame with patterns and drawing on it, you can "Do It Yourself". What is more satisfying than designing and making frames for your scratch maps? You will need to do the following:

Go to your local picture framer and select an appropriate wooden frame. Don’t make the frame too thin as they can get quite heavy and if they are too thin, can break and damage your map. Give the frame size details to the picture frame shop assistant and make sure they measure the inside of the frame to the correct size. If they have a cutting service, ask them to cut it professionally for you. It will make it so much easier.

japan map korea map thailand map gadgeticloud tube size package

After you get the basic frame, you can put on painting or write some traveling quotes on the frame. Remember to wait patiently for the painting to dry before framing the scratch map. Finally, hang the framed scratch maps on the wall and share them with friends and relatives. I believe you will have a lot to share since all your memories are marked on our scratch maps. Enjoy framing!

**If you want to get our latest package - Scratch Map + Frame (ONLY for Japan, Thailand and Korea), feel free to click the pictures below!


frame your scratch maps - GadgetiCloud 刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 world scratch map

frame your scratch maps - GadgetiCloud 刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korea scratch map

frame your scratch maps - GadgetiCloud 刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 japan scratch map

frame your scratch maps - GadgetiCloud 刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 thailand scratch map

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