Marvel's Figure 1: The unboxing video of the Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 1 is here!

Marvel's Figure 1: The unboxing video of the Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 1 is here!

Have you been waiting for a long time? We are now bringing you the first wave of unboxing videos of the "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" figures!

Thanks to Chewy Chao for unboxing the Marvel Figures in the Wave 1 of our Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 1. Let's take a look at these Marvel Figures.



Let's unbox it together!

What we are going to see today is Toylaxy's "Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 1 figures.


The Marvel toys in this series are made by the Thai toy brand Toylaxy. Ta-Collection is now the sole distributor in Hong Kong. They are all genuine products authorized by Marvel. Each Marvel's figure is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.


The Wave 1 unboxing this time has five Marvel Figures, including Thanos, Iron-Man Mark 85, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk.


Let's take Thanos as an example.


It has a transparent window on the front, and you can directly see the body of the Thanos figure inside. There is a picture of the toy on the side and the picture of all the Endgame figures in the same series on the back. From the side, each box will be printed with its own character photo. In the outer box design, they used white as the main color. The colors of the "Endgame" series are nothing more than purple or white. The combination of white and red lines is like the team uniforms they wore when they traveled in the movie.


Here are all the contents of these five Marvel figures. You can see that they don't have any accessories or any parts that need to be assembled. In addition, there is only this piece of leaflet. There are pictures of all Premium PVC Wave 1 and 2 "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" figures on the leaflet. At the same time, this piece of leaflet is also the authenticity certificate of this Marvel figure.



The first impression after opening the box is that the overall size is almost the same as I imagined. It is about the size of a palm, but the weight is a little heavier than I thought, especially Hulk and Thanos feel quite solid. You can clearly feel that the materials are solid. In the design, you can see that they have made these characters into a cartoon version design, but they have not reached the very cute style of the big head doll. The proportions of their body and limbs are similar with the characters themselves. If you want to draw a table, the most realistic style is 5, and the cutest style is -5, I think the positioning of this series will probably fall around -2.

It can be seen that each character has its own base. If you look closely, all the base use the same module, but the special effects above are very different. For example, there are lightning special effects on Thor’s and Iron-Man’s. There will be special effects of flame propulsion. In addition, other characters will use different shapes of rocks for support as needed. At the same time, in terms of coloring, it can be clearly seen that the coloring of the platforms such as Iron-Man and Captain America is completely different. In addition, the level of flatness under the platform is flat like this Iron-Man, but Captain America's has a little swing. This point does not actually affect what they show, but the slight unevenness will affect the look and feel a little.


In addition, the title of the movie and the name of the character are printed on the bottom of the base.



From a closer look, Thanos has a small head and a big body. In fact, the ratio of his real head to body is similar. His waist, arms, and calves are very thick, and the feet are designed to be round and short. It's short, so cute.


The design lines of the armor and helmet on the body are quite similar with the movie version, and the armor has a reflective metallic color. From the details of the face, you can see that his eyes are not painted with eyeballs and his characteristic craters are on the chin, the whole expression looks like a kind of fierce feeling. But it is a little cute I think. He is holding his iconic double-headed knife weapon in the movie in his right hand. The knife body has a matte gray with glitter. You can see that the fingers holding the knife are designed to be square, which is very interesting.


In addition, the left hand wears an infinite glove, and the colors and positions of the six gems on it are correct. But in the movie, Thanos has never tried to wear infinite gloves full of gems while wearing armor. I believe that the current design was designed by the toy designer based on the early design drawings given by the movie company. That's why this is the case. In terms of segmentation, his body has a lot of obvious segmentation lines, most of which are considered acceptable. The only point that is more difficult for me to accept is that the position of his neck is a bit obvious. The coloring situation is better than I thought, only the hand holding the double-headed knife, there is a little overflow of color.


Iron-Man Mark 85


Unlike Thanos, the limbs of iron man are slender. It is obvious that this iron man is designed in accordance with Mark 85 and the red part of the body is painted with metal. His posture is a posture of flying up and firing a cannon with both hands. , Both feet have a round and short design like Thanos.



I think the most eye-catching part of this iron man is his base. The base is made of a jet-propelled flame special effect. It has a light-transmitting part with orange color on it. It is only light-transmitting. It is not completely transparent, and the part of the stone behind the platform is also slightly orange, imitating a reflective effect, which is very pretty.



Also on the special base is this Thor. This Thor has made his shape from the end of the Infinite War to the beginning of the Final War. His entire face is made into a square shape. The dots are colored light blue to imitate the effect of power generation. The arm has a feeling of lock and armor. There is a diamond-shaped engraved line. The right hand is holding a Stormbreaker. The shape and texture of the axe are all made. Not bad.




There is no color overflow in his hand here. The red cloak is made very dynamic, and a light blue lightning effect is installed on the back of the platform. Generally speaking, I think this Thor is doing a good job.




Captain America

Captain America wore his classic dark blue suit. The A-line and silver wing lines on the helmet were made. The Avenger logo was clearly printed on the arm, and the chest was engraved to imitate the texture of the scale armor. His armbands, gloves, belts, and boots are all well painted.


But the biggest problem with Captain America was that he didn’t give him a shield, whether it’s a broken or a complete shield. You have to feel that this iconic shield is really indispensable. Put it in his hand and hang it on him. Whether it’s on his back, it’s really a pity that Toylaxy didn’t design this weapon.


The Hulk part was made in the shape of Professor Hulk after Hulk and Bruce Banner were combined. He wore purple and gray tights from the back of the movie.


You can see from the hips and the back of the hands that the muscle lines under the tights are well done. The skin tone is a bit yellow-green, and there is a bit of red on his cheeks, which makes him a little shy. In general, I think this Hulk is doing a good job and has muscles. If there is any way to do better, I think the position of his side corner can follow the movie-style gray. In addition, the engraved lines of the fingers can be made longer, so that the outlines of the five fingers can be sharper.



The toys in this series do not have any movable joints. They are mainly used for decoration. Among these 5 toys, I personally like Thanos and Hulk because I like their strong feeling. I like that they all have a scene base. It can be used for decoration immediately after removal.



In addition, I also like the design style of this series. The square faces and fingers are very interesting to me. The coloring, parting, engraving, etc. are generally within the qualified range, except that On this Iron-Man, I don’t think he has enough engraved lines, so I can do more, because the lines of Iron-Man armor are inherently very complicated. If there are not enough engraved lines to clarify his texture, I feel his body There will be less mechanical and armor feel. But their overall quality is good, and the materials used feel very solid.


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