1. What is Noise Cancellation Technology?
    Headphones and earphones that feature active noise reduction (ANR) use noise cancellation technology. How is noise cancellation and how it works? T...
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  2. How to Choose Your Best Earbuds?
    True wireless earbuds are the trend in recent years and likely in the future. There are lots of truly wireless earbuds in the market. Which one is ...
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  3. Your Best Gaming Gadgets - Lexuma XScreen
    What kind of gaming gadgets that you must need? If you love to play Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, you need to get Lexuma portable monitor with a sensib...
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  4. Perfect for Your Dual Monitor Setting - Lexuma XScreen
    Dual monitor settings can help us to enhance our productivity. However, the setups of the dual monitor are complicated. Can the portable monitor so...
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  5. 3 Reasons Why We Need a Portable Monitor
    Why we need a portable screen?  Many people are using laptops, tablets or even mobile devices for their daily work. They are smaller than a desktop...
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  6. Do Dual Monitor Settings Enhance Your Productivity?
    Many people are using dual monitor setup in their workplace. Does a dual monitor setting bring more productivity or more distractions to them? Are...
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  7. Features And Differences: Apple Watch Series 1-4
    Apple Watch Series - Discuss Differences And Features Of Apple Watch Series 1-4. Which Apple Watch model should I get?   Apple just launched the ne...
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  8. How Do We Define The Best Charging Car Mount

    Apart from just stabilizing your smartphone, charging is also needed for long travels. Therefore, we've gathered up a list of some excellent features that the best charging car mount should be equipped with. 

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  9. The Importance of Magnetic Charging
    Magnetic charging is the new charging trend for smartphones and Apple Watch series. Why it's important to modern electronic gadgets?      ...
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  10. MFi Certification

    MFi, short for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod". For accessory manufacturers, MFi certification is an exam and a symbol of technology and brand strength.

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  11. 3 Things You Need To Know About X2O Waterproof Spray
    Lexuma X2O Waterproof Spray is designed for electronics and industrial application - Provides long-last and strong water repellent protection.     ...
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