1. Travel to Korea - Korea Scratch Travel Map
    Welcome to Korea!! Finally comes Korea Travel Scratch Map unboxing!!
    With this scratch map, you can travel around Korea like a professional tourist.
    Taste the delicious local food. Visit the famous attractions.
    Leave your best memories and footprints. All on this Korea Scratch Travel Map!
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  2. Lexuma announced their Newly Designed XBud-X True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earbuds
    Let's have a look at the newly announced Lexuma XBud-X True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Lexuma has announced their newly designed true wireless ...
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  3. Lexuma XBud-Z True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds- Best Match for Workout and Enjoy Music
    Wants to enjoy Hifi music during workout? Choose this true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds! Many people can't live without headphones when they are ...
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  4. Are you worried about Hidden Cameras in your Vacation Rental?
    Worried about being watched and recorded? The Lexuma XScan, the all-in-one detector is here to safeguard your privacy   Do you have personal safety...
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  5. Lexuma XBud True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Sports Earbuds - Enjoy Music, Enjoy Life
    Looking for the Best Earbuds? Try this True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Today! Headphones have already been a necessity for people nowadays. So...
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  6. LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison
    Compare four types of handheld trifold mirrors and vanity makeup mirrors   Most of the time while applying makeup, you can’t help yourself but look...
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  7. Travel to Japan - Japan Scratch Travel Map
    Welcome to Japan!! Here comes the Japan Scratch Travel Map! Some parts of Japan can be vaguely seen on the cover of the scratch map. Although I have been to Japan a few times and already visited some famous sights, now looking at the Japanese scratch map, I feel that I will start my next adventure very soon.
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  8. Lexuma True Wireless In-ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds XBud Series Comparison!
    Looking for a pair of budget True Wireless In-ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds on the market? Lexuma has the whole series of true wireless earbuds for you...
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  9. LITE vs PLUS Version of XMAG
    Lexuma magnetic charging cables Plus and Lite version, what are the differences?   When most of the technology companies are satisfied by the exist...
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  10. Lexuma Portable Monitor with Touch Screen [Product Review]
    The second monitor of your computer can be portable and multi-functions. Portable USB Type-C and HDMI monitor is your must-have item this year. Don...
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  11. Travel to Thailand - Thailand Scratch Travel Map
    This time we will travel to Thailand - The Thailand Scratch Travel Map. It looks like a treasure map with great adventures, right? Wow. The style of the scratch map is so different from the other scratch maps! So Cool and Stylish. Dark Blue as the background color and Golden Brown as the scratchable surface. With this travel scratch map, I want to conquer every city with my bare foot!
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  12. Easy Travel, Easy Charging - XStrip USB Power Strip (US-Style)

    To many travelers, how to reduce the weight of your suitcase is always an annoying challenge. Electronic appliances, power banks and power strips already acquired a large amount of weight and space. If you are travelling with friends or relatives and you just brought one common power strip, you guys will be fighting for the limited charging ports all night long. But if you bring more than one power strips, there won't be enough space for the suitcase to put in more stuff.

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