Why We Need Sweat Proof Or Waterproof Earbuds

Why We Need Sweat Proof Or Waterproof Earbuds

why we need sweat proof waterproof earbuds earphones bluetooth headset gadgeticloud


Why we need sweat proof or waterproof earbuds?


A good sweaty workout always feels great! Studies have shown that the average person sweats 24.7 to 47.3 oz during exercise. If you sweat a lot or you’d quite like to get a set of wireless sports earbuds, you should be aware that not all headphones are sweat proof. In this article, we will discuss why sweat proof / waterproof is a crucial factor to wireless earphones.

How We Define Sweat Proof / Waterproof

Consumer electronics like headphones adopt an international waterproof rating system, based on standards set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The IEC’s scale is called the Ingress Protection Standard, and commonly features an IP followed by either two numbers or an X and one number. The second number represents the product's degree of protection against water on a scale of 0 to 8, with 0 indicating a lack of protection, and 8 indicating true waterproofing against prolonged submersion. Waterproof ratings of IPX 3 to 6 are considered “sweat-proof”. Anything above IP6 can withstand some degree of immersion in water. 

Want to know more about IPX rating? Check out our blog: IP International Rating.


why we need sweat proof waterproof earbuds earphones bluetooth headset gadgeticloud daily exercise with earphones

With Earbuds

Often when exercising, having music on can be a big help to your motivation levels, which is why it’s important to have earphones that won’t let you down when exposed to all the elements that come with exercise – whether that’s the weather, or sweat.

For those who sweat a lot, finding headphones with some degree of water resistance is even more important than finding a pair with good sound quality. Whether you are a fitness fan or love your running routines, sweat proof / waterproof wireless earbuds are all you need to avoid missing a running day. If you use normal earphones, either they will get damaged with water or your ears will fill up with water drops.

If you do long distance running, marathons, train in workout bodysuits, or enjoy cardio sweat workouts, you should go for earphone with at least IP5 waterproof / sweat proof protection. For IP5, it means the wireless earbuds are protected in the presence of low-pressure water jets at any angle.

why we need sweat proof waterproof earbuds earphones bluetooth headset gadgeticloud running in the rain

I believe now you have a better understanding on why sweat proof / waterproof feature is so important to wireless earbuds. If you want to get a pair for daily exercise or your next hiking journey, here are few Bluetooth earphones with IP protection.

➤ Lexuma True Wireless In-Ear IP56 Sports Earbuds [Coming Soon]

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➤ Geekee True Wireless In-Ear IPX5 Sports Earbuds

Geekee True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth IPX5 Sports Earbuds gadgeticloud

➤ Mifo True Wireless In-Ear IP67 Sports Earbuds

mifo o5 bluetooth 5.0 earphones mifo headphones wireless earbuds true wireless stereo earphones with charging case mifo O series True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth IP67 Sports Earphones

All of these sweat proof earphones are equipped with portable charging cases. You can charge the earphones anytime and continue playing your favorite song list!

why we need sweat proof waterproof earbuds earphones bluetooth headset gadgeticloud sweating exercising gym training

When you’re working hard, you need equipment that keeps up – that’s where our sweat-proof earphones come in. Whether you opt for sweat proof wireless headphones, or sweat proof earbuds, you can benefit from excellent sound quality with our types of sweat proof sports earbuds! Check them out now!

PS. If you are not using sweat proof earphones, you can use wet towel to clean them after exercising. Keep your earbuds hygienic all the time!


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