Ultimate Guide of mojipic -- a LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

Ultimate Guide of mojipic -- a LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

How to use Mojipic -- a Fantastic LED Car Accessory (Emoji Display)?

If you are an intelligent technology enthusiast or car interior makeover lover, you cannot miss this vehicle product -- Mojipic! Through careful design, it can be multi-functional and durable. After you get a Mojipic, maybe you will confuse about how to use this car accessory. Therefore, in order to solve the problems that you often encounter, an unboxing review will guide you through using this creative car gadget. You will become a Mojipic expert after reading this Ultimate Guide!

mojipic guideline-- for the most useful and beautiful interior car accessories

Unbox of Mojipic

It is with a nice package, inside Includes: a Mojipic device and mount,  a lighter plug (5 meters),  and a manual.

unbox of mojipic -- for Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

Charging Mojipic

When a Mojipic comes to your home, it may not have enough battery. Thus, you have to charge it. There is a Mojipic lighter plug in the box. You can charge Mojipic in your car power outlet (12V). 


If you want to charge it at home, please make sure the power outlet socket embedded is 12V and the plug meets the charging port of the device. Mojipic may damage the device if the output is larger than 12V.

actual picture of mojipic device --Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (truck accessories)

Install Mojipic in your car

You can use its two suction cups near the display board to stick on those smooth surfaces like windows. You can stick it everywhere you want such as hang it on the window in your house. At this time, here is a demonstration of sticking on the tailgate window of the car.

mojipic stuck on the tailgate window-- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display
If you want to adjust the angle of displaying the Mojipic board, you can turn its tilt adjustment. It is easy to use.


Turn on/off your Mojipic

When you use the Mojipic for the first time, you require to turn on the device via the "turn on" button (on the side of Mojipic device). If you want to turn it off, just press the same button. 


However, if you want to turn on or turn off Mojipic when you are driving or leave your car, what should you do? Going to the rear to open the device? No! Just use the App to manage the ON/OFF of Mojipic device. 


When you connect your Mojipic device to its app, you can manage your device via the app. (The details about this app will be further discussed in the following) There is a button on the top right-hand corner of the front page of the app. Therefore, you can press that button to turn the device on or off. 


Another excellent method I apply is the voice-control function, it will be explained later.

turn on and turn off mojipic Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (car interior accessories for ladies and men)


Mojipic Application

Steps of connecting Mojipic device and its application


  1. Download the Mojipic application in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  1. Open Bluetooth and Location of your mobile.
  1. Open Mojipic application and allow all the permission such as allowing Mojipic to access your location, allow Mojipic to record audio, etc.


Don't forget to turn on your Mojipic device (long push the On/OFF button on the side of the device), otherwise, your mobile cannot search the device! If you turn on the Mojipic device and the app can search the device,  you can see the screen demonstrates the following. Then, please select your device.

mojipic application interface of connecting device --Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display(CAR PRODUCT)


Using the gallery in your demonstration screen

There are over 1500 materials available in the weekly update catalog including GIFs, 3D patterns, Smiles and Emojis, Flags, Sport Team symbols, and more. You can load all images in the gallery to the device.


It is easy to display those images. If you want to display them in a faster way, you can load that before you use it. The loading time of the gif is longer than the picture.


  1. Click the image or gif that you want to display.
  1. If you just want to display the image directly without any editing, you can click the “eye” button.  It takes several seconds to load.


The image will be viewed soon after 🔄 (loading) symbol showed


Only the first time that you use the image takes a long time to load. After the first time, the emoji can be shown immediately.

mojipic application interface of the gallery--Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (interior car decoration)

Editing Your Own Mojipic Design

Other than using their material in the catalog, you may want to design your own car accessory. It is time to do it!  Mojipic provides you this opportunity to show your creativity. 


According to the following step, you can edit the image or draw an independent picture.


  1. Click the image you want to edit.
  1. Click the "pen" button near to "eye", then the app will show the image 2 like the following.
  1. You can create anything you want by their tools. There are different tools prepared for you to paint.
  1. After finishing your drawing, you can press the save button to save your works. 


Strongly suggest you add your drawing to favorite, it will be easier for you to look for your work in the future.  Or you can just save it directly, your Mojipic painting will be stored in "My Drawing" which is in the Gallery. 

mojipic application interface of editing your own emoji --Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (CAR INTERIOR MAKEOVER)


In case, you want to draw "on" Mojipic directly, you can skip step 1 and 2, and go to "Paint" (the bottom middle button) to enjoy your time. 

There is another way for you to create your personal car accessory. You can upload (top right corner)  your own photo, take a photo, or use an online picture (with URL) to Mojipic. After that, you can save it like the above step and display it.

Image: mojipic application interface of uploading your own photo-- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


Making a gif is the same method as projecting an image, you can just press the gif button (in the painting tools bar, you can find it by sliding the bar). Then, you can draw something, upload any picture(s), take photos to produce a gif. Then, save it for future use.

Image: mojipic application interface of editing a gif -- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CAR ACCESSORY)


Generating QR codes on Mojipic is a pretty good idea to attract customers, make friends, whatever. If you want to produce your own QR code, you can press the QR codes button (top right corner) and the interface will be like this. You can create it and save it like the above. 

Image: mojipic application interface of making QR code --Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


When you want to use your design, go "My Drawing" to find it and view it on Mojipic!

mojipic application interface of My Drawing -- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


Real-time Projection of Mojipic

Real-time projection is an important function for you to show yourself. The real-time function is in the "Paint" part, after sliding those painting tools, you can find the real-time function (the last button). You can use the function to create a real-time drawing.


A warm reminder: painting too fast will be difficult for Mojipic to demonstrate. Therefore, please draw it slowly so that Mojipic can follow.

mojipic application interface ofthe real-time function -- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


Voice-control function

Sometimes, you may want to change the image on Mojipic. However, when you are driving, you cannot free your hands to play the app. At that time, you can use the voice-control function!


Before you start the voice control, you need to complete the setting.


  1. Click the voice-control button.
  1. Click the function that you want to apply voice control, such as "turn on" and "turn off".
  1. If you are using an IOS mobile, you will see the "Add to Siri" interface like the following. Then, click the red button to record your voice for the instruction.


After adding your voice to Siri for a Mojipic instruction, you can make use of the voice control function. There is no limitation to the recording. This function is just to record your "voice" but not the content. You can record anything like "Gate open!" to open the Mojipic  "turn on" function. Hence, when you speak "Hey Siri! Gate open!", the Mojipic will be turned on automatically.


You can change your recording from time to time. Therefore, just record anything you like is ok!  If you are an Android user, you can use Google assistant to replace Siri.

mojipic application interface of the voice-control function -- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


8-bit Game


When you are driving, it will be very annoying if your children keep disturbing you. If you give him or her a mojipic, everything will come different. They can play the 8-bit game installed in mojipic.


  1. Click the "Game" button on the first page.

  1. The screen of your mobile will change into a remote control of the 8-bit game. 


Your children can enjoy the game and you can enjoy your driving time! For sure, you can also play the game when you are not a driver.

Image: mojipic application interface of 8-bit game -- Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (FUN CAR PRODUCT AND TOYS)



If you find that there is no response with the device and app, you can reset the device (near the ON/OFF button).


From me

I saw mojipic on the internet a few days ago and thought this car accessory looks extraordinary. A screen display is not a novel product among car accessories. However, those screen displays are not similar to mojipic, mojipic has an unusual feature: real-time projection and exclusive customization. I can demonstrate what I want in ONE device in real-time without any limitation. The voice-control function is also amazing. I can manage my mojipic by just voice command. The voice-control is more elastic than I had thought. (Since I thought that I should record the specific sentence to control different functions and there is only one time to record the voice. But I am wrong!!!) The 8-bit game is interesting for me when I am not driving a car. It is a multi-functional car gadget, and I think everyone should own it.


To summarize my feeling of using mojipic, I think it is really a terrific car accessory, even putting it at home as a wall accessory, it is still useful to enhance the quality of life. Hope you can enjoy mojipic as I do so!

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