Are you worried about Hidden Cameras in your Vacation Rental?

Are you worried about Hidden Cameras in your Vacation Rental?

Worried about being watched and recorded? The Lexuma XScan, the all-in-one detector is here to safeguard your privacy


Do you have personal safety concerns? Do you often worry about being monitored and live-streamed? Being in a stranger's house, changing in a public dressing room, getting ready in your gym...

You are certainly not alone, and it is nothing like paranoia to make such assumption. Read the news below and find how common hidden cameras are becoming in certain poorly regulated accommodations: 

California couple finds hidden cameras in bedroom and bathroom of Airbnb rental, lawsuit claims

Forget about bed bugs - your short-term rental might be bugged with surveillance cameras. A California Airbnb host allegedly placed three hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of a guest suite he rented to an unsuspecting couple last year, according to a new lawsuit.

The truth is, we can never predict the time and place of being watched and recorded by hidden cameras, especially in a place we are not familiar with. The hidden cameras nowadays are usually disguised as any everyday objects. For instance, smoke detectors, wall clocks, mugs and picture frames. As they are often not bigger than a pinhole, our naked eyes may not be able to detect them.

Here comes the need of the Lexuma XScan, an all-in-one portable detector, capable of detecting hidden cameras, managing your property, and even preventing theft and break ins!



Hidden Camera Detection : Scanning Suspicious Objects

Whether it be a vacation rental property, a hotel room or even your own home after renovation, you can always rely on the Lexuma XScan and check any unfamiliar space to assure your own privacy.To detect hidden cameras, the device produces red light beams that detect cameras of radio waves, magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment through infrared scanning.


All you need to do is to point the detector at any suspicious spot, and look through the viewfinder on the detector. Hidden cameras of any kind will then be revealed through reflecting a spot of the red light back. Using the device on all surfaces to uncover reflective camera lens will help you to spot hidden cameras easily. Pay extra attention to check for unusual brands on wall devices and electronic equipment, and you may discover something unexpected. If you can't find any red light reflected, your place is most likely safe and camera-free. If you do find any suspicious item, unplug, rearrange or even destroy them. Most importantly, call the authorities responsible for the security nearby.



2. Motion Alert: Avoiding Theft and Malicious Break ins 

Apart from being a detector, XScan also serves as a motion sensor when you activate the motion alert mode. Nothing is more important than being safe and feeling safe. When you are back in home and don't feel like being disturbed, hang the device on the door knob, so that it can stay alert for you, and warn you when anything suspicious in motion is walking near your door, or even intending to break in.

A loud noise would be triggered immediately and ring for at least 15 seconds once the sensor detects motion nearby. You will be under a protection comparable to any security system, and any kind of malicious break in could be prohibited.



The same function also works well if you wish to protect your valuables from being stolen. If you are staying in the same spot for a longer period, or if you have to leave your belongings for a short while, hang your Lexuma XScan on your belongings and turn on the motion alert mode.

Any thief and stalker would certainly be scared off by the loud alarm of 130dB if they touch your bag. When you are sitting in a cafe or waiting for your flight in the airport, the detector is perfect for safeguarding your belongings.



3. Separation Alert : Never Leave Your Bag Behind

Do you leave your bag behind often? Instead of regretting over an irreversible mistake, here’s something you can do BEFORE making another one. After getting a Lexuma XScan, all you need is to download the corresponding tracking app SwiftFinder on your phone, and then pair it up with your device. Then, there are at least five ways we can help you to never lose your bag, and gradually always remember to take all your belongings with you:




  1. Once you turn on the separation alert switch, an alarm would be rung on your phone to remind you if you left your bag behind. 

  2. In case you are already separated from you bag, you can always track its location by clicking the ring button on the app. The device on your bag will then alarm immediately for easier finding, just like the function of playing sound on the “Find my iPhone” app. 

  3. You can review your recent drive history recorded in the app, and conduct a thorough searching on your bags after revisiting the places.

  4. To assist your search and maximize the possibility of finding your bag back, Lexuma also offers the function of Community Search, indicating that your device is automatically connected to other XScan devices, and the updated location will be sent to your phone.

  5. In addition to that, your friends and family with XScan device can help to search for your lost item on their app too.


4. Emergency Lifesaver: LED Flashlight and Loud Alarm

If the functions above are not impressive enough, the Lexuma XScan, as an all-in-one portable device for anyone with security concerns, is certainly equipped with two simple yet essential functions: LED Flashlight and a loud alarm whenever you need it during an emergency. The functions may be ordinary, but it surely saves you some phone battery for more important use. Whenever the lights and electricity are out, or you are being followed or trapped somewhere, you can always use the device to call for help immediately, and scare any robbers or stalkers away. The device may happen to be your lifesaver by its simplest functions. 


Ready to be proactive and take matters into your own hands? Shop Now and equip yourself for a more protected and secure life!


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