7X Magnification - Good Or Not

7X Magnification - Good Or Not

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Mirrors are must-have essentials to every household and everyone. We need mirrors for makeup, shaving and tidying ourselves. Normal mirrors reflect the real life size, while magnifying mirrors can enlarge the size at 2X, 5X or even higher magnification level. Before deciding if it is necessary to have one, let's know more about magnifying mirrors.

Magnifying mirrors are shaped like satellite dishes, called a parabolic shape. In other words, they’re concave. This means that all beams of light are focused on to a central focal point, so whatever is hitting your face is reflected in the mirror head-on and not an angle.

The mirror’s parabolic shape concentrates the light progressively as it reaches the focal point. It’s the concentration of these beams of light that create the magnification result. With a 7X magnification mirror, the image you see is magnified SEVEN times the real life size.

Magnification mirrors come in handy for various grooming needs. Buying a 7x magnification mirror is best for seeing up close and ensure a perfect make-up. You can do your eyebrows well when you can see exactly which hair to target, you can apply your eyeshadows and eyeliners in detail, and men can shave at ease by looking up close at what they are doing.


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A mirror with 5x magnification will have a 1.5″ field of view, while a mirror with 10x magnification will have a 0.5″ field of view. Because higher magnification levels have a smaller field of view, they’re not recommended for makeup application. The image gets distorted at these high levels, and you won’t be able to view your entire face. If you must have magnification and you don’t have vision problems (or you wear contacts), a 7x magnifiying mirror is a good choice. You’ll get a closer look at your face, but the image won’t be distorted.

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Makeup mirrors are mostly divided by three categories: Tabletop, handheld and tri-fold. Tabletop mirrors are the most common and normally you can choose between magnification and a normal mirror. A handheld mirror fits nicely into a bag or purse, which makes it easy to take with you on the go. If you want a magnification mirror you can take anywhere, a compact or handheld model is ideal. Tri-fold mirrors typically have lights attached, and will give you views of all angles of your face. Many people prefer this type of makeup mirror because you can see the entire look and make adjustments as needed.

In GadgetiCloud, we have makeup mirrors that can satisfy all your needs. We have handheld mirrors with magnification and tri-fold vanity mirror with LED lights. Feel free to check them out!

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