Save Your Drown Smartphones

Save Your Drown Smartphones

If your smartphone fell in water, toilet or in bathtub, it is not an unusual occurrence. Therefore, try not to panic too much and act fast to save your mobile as soon as possible. 

With a little luck and proper strategies, it is often possible to save your phone in these water accidents. Here’s what to do if your drop your smartphone in water.


1. Turn your phone off immediately

Running an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit is bound to cause short-circuit problems. But if you turn off the phone immediately, you can cut the circuit and bring less damage to your mobile. This would prevent the possibility of a short circuit of the electronic circuitry inside which would render the phone useless. Turning it on after the iPhone fell in water always poses a risk of damage. So please don't turn it on at once to check if it's still working.

Save Your Drown Smartphones - GadgetiCloud blog power off your mobile


2. Take out removable parts and dry it with a soft towel

If you can, remove the SIM-card and the micro-SD card. And if you have the kind of phone that allows battery removal, do that too. Be careful not to tap or shake your phone as you could be moving liquid around inside it. After that, you can use a paper towel or soft towel  to clean the liquid. Be very careful not to move any water into cracks, crevices or ports. You can also dry any parts you were able to, like the SIM-card, micro-SD card and battery. Now the last and only thing you need to do, is wait for at least 24 hours until the mobile is fully dried.


How about putting the mobile in raw rice?

You've probably been told that the best way to dry out a phone dropped in water is to submerge it in uncooked rice. The theory goes that the rice will absorb moisture out of the hard-to-reach places inside your phone.  However, most smartphones these days don't have removable backs or batteries. They have fewer cracks and crevices. This means less opportunity for the rice to absorb the moisture inside your phone.

Save Your Drown Smartphones - GadgetiCloud blog use rice to dry mobile


How about drying it with a hair dryer?

Some people have tried to dry out their phones with a hairdryer whenever thier iPhone dropped in water accidentally, which is not generally recommended as the hot air from it could fry up the delicate internal parts of the device. Be careful. Some of these solutions may even aggravate the water damage instead of saving the phone. 

Of course the best solution is preventing water accidents on smartphones or electronic devices. Actually this can be done with X2O waterproof spray! This waterproof spray is designed for electronic devices and provides IPX4 and IPX7 protection. The nano coating repels water droplets and moisture from entering the device. Get one now to protect your electronics.

Save Your Drown Smartphones - GadgetiCloud blog lexuma x2o x20 waterproof water resistant electronics

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