How to make your car look cooler?

How to make your car look cooler?

Some people would like to decorate their cars and make them look one-of-a-kind, so that they can catch the attention of other drivers, or people walk-by. You may think that creating a brand new look is costly and timely; however, it is not that bothersome at all. 

What are the best ways to make your car stand out from the crowd with just a petty of cash in a short amount of time?

1. Clean your car detailedly both inside and out

Washing and cleaning your beloved car is the first step to make your car look decent. A clean image is not only important to people’s appearance, but also a car. Once your car has any smell, people will be revolted, despite how impressive it looks. Also, no matter how renowned your car brand is, or how wonderful a design your car has, when there are some dirts inside or outside your car, it is impossible to impress anyone. The nicest car can look terrible if they are only covered under a layer of filth.

Please be remembered that a regular car wash is of utmost importance in keeping your car in great condition.


2. Wax your car

It is also a cheap and easy way to keep your car in nice condition. After waxing your car, it will have a nice shine, some small scratches and marks can be also removed. Besides, waxing does not limited to giving a nice look to your car, but also some protection to your car’s paint from damages like fading, rust and scratches.

It is believed that waxing your car is the simplest way to keep your car fine and clean; which is also the best option for people who do not like fancy decorations.


3. Paint parts of your car

As sharp color and fancy design are more accepting among people nowadays, more and more people are looking for special design for their cars. It is not difficult to see cars that are wrapped in sharp colors like pink and yellow. Also, unique paintings can make your car stand out from the crowd. You may find your favourite designer or DIY the patterns on your car. Painting only some parts of your car, like brake capillaries can make your car look unique, but a bit low-profile at the same time.


4. Get some eye-catching car accessories

Putting a shining gadget on your car window can always attract people’s attention. While everyone is sticking boring bumper stickers on their car tailgate window, we recommend you a new product, Mojipic, an amazing car gadget will make your car the most attractive on the road. 

mojipic-voicecontrolled-led- car-tailgate-emojis-gifs-display-racing

Mojipic, the voice-controlled multifunctional LED emoji car display, is the most suitable accessory to decorate your car in a creative way. Why and how?

High Visibility

People are not able to see your bumper stickers on the tailgate at night. But for Mojipic, it is an LED display, which is bright enough to display what you want to show on the monitor. No matter if it is in the night time or morning, your messages or icons can be shown clearly on Mojipic. There are three levels of brightness that can be adjusted, according to the weather.

Over 1500 Emojis and gifs

There is a weekly updated catalog with more than 1500 gifs, 3D patterns, smiles & emojis, sports teams symbols, so on and so forth. With an updated list of funny materials, other drivers and people walk-by must be attracted by your creativity.

Real-time drawing

Real-time drawing and gif maker allows users to create their own pictures and gifs and display on the device. Users’ own design can be uploaded from a URL link or from the phone gallery to Mojipic app. After uploading the masterpiece, your creative artworks will be shown on the LED monitor to the world in seconds.

Photos and images

Not only drawings, users can also take a photo directly in Mojipic App or upload a photo from the phone gallery to the Mojipic App, the photo will then be displayed on the LED monitor.  


If you installed a Mojipic on your car tailgate, your car must be able to wow other people on the road. 

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