4 ways to promote your new business with limited budget

4 ways to promote your new business with limited budget

We all know that starting a new business is hard, but finding the right way to promote your business is much more difficult than that, especially when we are having a very limited budget. 

How to do impressive promotion to attract the public and gain more attention with just a little budget?



1. Running a social media page

Yes, we all know, people and social media cannot be separated since the last decade. Therefore, businesses should target this and become a part of people’s lives. Running a social media page is very important yet low cost. Opening a business account in social media sites like Facebook and Instagram does not need any cost, unless you require some more advanced functions to further develop customer data; even so, it is not expensive. Every time when you post anything on your sites, people are able to get the most updated information while they click on social networking sites. To reach more potential customers, having a social media page is definitely a great choice. 


2. Developing customer referral program

After getting the very first group of customers, recruiting a new batch of customers will be the next promotion concern. Encouraging current customers to invite their friends to purchase your products/services is one of the good ways. However, some incentives are needed to provide for the existing customers, like giving free gifts or discounts to them each time when their friend signs up as a member of your business. It may cost a bit more but the effectiveness is high because word of mouth from a direct reference group of potential customers is important to gain positive exposure.


3. Giving out free trial or free sample

Similar to the second suggestion, but this means directly reaching the public by giving out samples to people walk-by. It can give an opportunity for people to try your product/services. However, it may cost higher than the previous 2 ways as people you reach may not be your potential customers. Some of the resources will kind of waste on the wrong population. Anyhow, people are more likely to continue if they find the product/service can satisfy them; therefore, people who are not your target customers may be also attracted and the business can get a larger pool of customers than planned.


4. Creating eye-catching sidewalk signs

Doing offline advertising is the best way to reach the most amount of people. Creating eye-catching sidewalk signs is the very first way to let people walk-by acknowledge your store or business. We can always see different advertisements on the streets; but not all are impressive enough to catch the attention of all the people. A colorful and funny sign can better draw the public attention. For those businesses with just a limited budget, purchasing a large billboard is impossible; however, a promotional sign with high mobility is much affordable. It is believed that Mojipic is the best choice for newly-developed businesses to increase their brand awareness among the public. Mojipic is the world’s first voice-controlled emoji car display, with different functions available.

mojipic-voicecontrolled-led- car-tailgate-emojis-gifs-display-racing


QR Code

It is the world’s first integration into the LED display. You can generate any information, like facebook, instagram, your business’s website URL or other relative information as QR code just by the app and show in the display.



Photos and images

Users can also take a photo directly in Mojipic App or upload a photo from the phone gallery to the Mojipic App, the photo will then be displayed on the LED monitor. You can take photos of your newly launched products and show them to the world just by Mojipic!


Emojis and gifs

There is a weekly updated catalog with more than 1500 gifs, 3D patterns, smiles & emojis, so on and so forth. With an updated list of funny materials, you can decorate your physical stores and attract people on the street.



Real-time drawing

Real-time drawing and gif maker allows users to create their own pictures and gifs and  display on the device. Users’ own design can be uploaded from a URL link or from the phone gallery to Mojipic app. After uploading the masterpiece, the creative artworks will be shown on the LED monitor to the world in seconds. You can design your own decorations to draw attention from the public.


Mojipic can be put in the car tailgate and show your information to the public while you are driving. With this high mobility, doing promotion anytime and anywhere is not a difficult and expensive task anymore. Not only in car tailgates, it can also be used as in-store decoration. As various functions are available, Mojipic is definitely worth to be used as a device for low-cost promotion.

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