3 Ways Taxi Drivers Can Attract More Customers

3 Ways Taxi Drivers Can Attract More Customers

As ride-hailing services are gaining rising popularity around the world because of its convenience, taxi service is losing its status in the market. Even so, it is believed that the taxi drivers can attract more customers and gain back a larger amount of share by the following ways.

How can taxi drivers attract more customers?

1. Take part in social networking

As time goes by, the importance of social media is gradually increasing. About two-third of people in the world have their own social media account, almost every business therefore is running their own social networking sites, no matter what type of business they are engaging in. If taxi drivers promote their services through social media sites, undoubtedly it can help taxi drivers gain more exposure, as well as create a young and dynamic image in people’s minds.



2. Be polite and friendly

Serving customers with a polite and friendly attitude is of the utmost importance in the service industry, while many drivers overlooked this essential part of their business. It is not rare to see taxi drivers refusing to take passengers or making a detour, some taxi drivers may even speak foul languages to passengers. Customers should not be the one to tolerate that; so taxi drivers should always bear in mind that politeness is always the way to retain customers.



3. Provide unique experiences for customers

To stand out in the crowd, while everyone is offering similar services to customers, providing one-of-a-kind experiences for customers is important for taxi drivers under this fierce competition. 

Providing on-board entertainment by Mojipic is surely one of the best ways. Mojipic, the voice-controlled LED emoji car display, can entertain your passengers anytime.

8-bit Games

Mojipic goes along with the Mojipic App. The operation of the app is very simple. 8-bit games are built in the application, which are displayed on the LED display board. Once the smartphone is connected with Mojipic through bluetooth, your phone becomes a gamepad to play the game. Not only kids will enjoy playing, adults will also be glad to meet the 8-bit games.



Emojis and gifs

There is a weekly updated catalog with more than 1500 gifs, 3D patterns, smiles & emojis, sports teams symbols, so on and so forth. With an updated list of funny materials, passengers can enjoy brand new experiences every time they ride on the taxi. Also, people will also be attracted by the shining emojis and gifs when the taxi is on the road.



Real-time drawing

Real-time drawing and gif maker allows users to create their own pictures and gifs and  display on the device. Users’ own design can be uploaded from a URL link or from the phone gallery to Mojipic app. After uploading the masterpiece, the creative artworks will be shown on the LED monitor to the world in seconds.

Photos and images

Not only drawings, users can also take a photo directly in Mojipic App or upload a photo from the phone gallery to the Mojipic App, the photo will then be displayed on the LED monitor.  

If there is a mojipic installed in the taxi, it is sure that the drivers can attract more customers and  its popularity among passengers will be enhanced.


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