3 Must-Have Car Gadgets For New Drivers

3 Must-Have Car Gadgets For New Drivers

First of all, let me congratulate all the first-time drivers who finally get the license after a long time of practising and the hard driving exam. It is normal that new drivers cannot wait the time to drive on the road. However, everything in the car should be well-prepared before the first drive, so that the joy and safety of drive can be maximized.

What are the must-have items that should be prepared for new drivers before the first drive?

1. Dashboard Camera

We should admit that car accidents can happen anytime anywhere, especially for rookie drivers, they are more likely to get into a car crash than most experienced drivers. A dashboard camera can help them record everything on the road once they start turning on the engine and drive. No matter anything happens, the recorded video can act as a proof for any unfortunate issues.


2. Parking Sensors

Although all drivers have passed the hard driving exam which tested candidates’ parking skills, new drivers may still not be so familiar with real-life parking techniques. If novice drivers park their car carelessly, they will cause damage to their own car bumper, or even someone else’s car. Newer car models may already have built-in parking sensors, but older cars may not have one. Therefore, a parking sensor is especially important to new drivers who drive older models of car.


3. Mojipic

Besides safety, joy is another important issue of driving. In order to enhance the happiness of driving, some funny and cute decorations on the car are needed. Mojipic is surely the best car gadget for every new driver. Mojipic is a voice-controlled multifunctional LED emoji car display, together with a controlling app. The Mojipic app has more than 1,500 in-built materials that can be shown on the LED display. Users can show signs to people outside, for example, warning signs to zig-zaggers and aggressive drivers, or a smiley face to pedestrians crossing the road and considerate drivers. The list of emoji and gifs is updated weekly, you can ensure the safety with your creativity at the same time. What makes driving easier and safer is the voice-controlled function. Mojipic can be controlled by Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Drivers can display images in a safe way without being distracted on the road.


mojipic-over-take-voice-control-icon (1)


Congratulate to all new drivers again and please do consider preparing the items above in order to enhance the safety and joy for your drive!

Click here to check out more about how Mojipic works.

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